This week I welcome Mark from Shanghai Lil & the Scarlet Fez (I know! How good is their name?!) to the Top Ten Tuesday Feature!

Mark has a range of beautiful vegan products such as perfume, face serum, soaps, solid perfumes and lip balms. You'll often find them at markets around Adelaide and have stockists all over the place too.

I myself, am SO in love with these products! Not only is the packaging stunning and the prices super affordable (which makes them the perfect gift!) but the actual product itself is unbelievably GOOD!

The solid perfumes are a personal fave of mine - you just pop them in your purse or handbag (they're so compact!) and dab on whenever you feel the need! Never fear about oily fingers either, I just rub the excess into my hands and it acts as a moisturiser!

The lip balms are also amazing and again - PACKAGING!! I love a good design and these guys have it in spades! Bright, fun and 100% unique to anything else I've seen on the market. The flavour combinations are delicious too and the added BONUS?! They actually work! 

1. In 5(ish) words, sum up your business…

All-natural and vegan beauty

2. Where are you based in Australia?


3. What do you love and hate about running your own business?

Love: There’s a lot to love! I love making our products, picking the best ingredients, thinking up new products, talking to people who love to know what is going into their beauty products, going nuts with lots of colour, being cruelty-free, happy customers

Hate: I hate it when I’m measuring ingredients and the batteries don’t work in the scales. Also, when the batteries don’t work in my head…

4. Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself that others may not know…

I’m struggling here with that word ‘interesting’…

  • I’m a Sagittarius. This makes me a sporty, outdoorsy type. You don’t know that, and neither do I

  • However, I box

  • Being thirsty makes me cranky

5. What couldn’t you live without?

Food, water and Argyle socks

6. Where or what do you draw inspiration from?

I only work with botanic products, and maybe a few mineral ones like clay too! It sounds pat to say it, but I draw my inspiration for the scents I use from nature and from my memories of nature.

"Hidden gardens, dewy river banks, forest leaves, what ever takes my fancy. But also, I draw inspiration from people and times."

Stranger in Paradise eau de parfum, for example, is drawn from my distant memories of the perfumes my mother wore when I was a child - soft, gentle, with a clean linen finish. It is made using lemon scented florals. I have no idea if my mother wore floral-lemon scents but that’s memory for you! I am a big fan of 20th century design, particularly from the 1930s to 1950s. There’s a lot to dip into during this period: glamour, charm, colour, cosiness. I am very fortunate to have our packaging designed by a local artist/illustrator, Magic Jelly, who shares a taste for such nostalgia, with a fresh twist, of course!

7. Do you have a favourite product of your own?

I love all our products of course! Personally, I wear One Fine Summer eau de parfume and Arcadia cologne. I use the Rosehip and Pomegranate face serum as my only moisturiser and I am currently using Persian Rose lip balm!

8. How did the name ‘Shanghai Lil & the Scarlet Fez’ come about?

I wanted a name which would reflect my interest in mid 20th century culture (think film noir, exotic locations, mystery), and one which had a male and female element to it. There wasn’t much to it really, I just knew it was right!

9. Movies or books? And which ones are your favourites?

Books: A Rebours - JK Huysmans; the Mapp & Lucia books by EF Benson Movie: Far From Heaven; Cabaret; The Great Gatsby (1972)

10. Finish this sentence… I’d rather be…

...a hammer than a nail.

Thank you SO much to Mark, for taking the time out to do a Top Ten Tuesday! 

xo Bec

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