Nourishing Hand Cream
Nourishing Hand Cream Nourishing Hand Cream Nourishing Hand Cream Nourishing Hand Cream

This rich, yet absorbent, nourishing and restoring hand cream is exactly what hard working hands need.

We’ve used botanical butters and oils rich in antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties to help restore and repair dry and dehydrated skin.

Avocado, Hemp & Pumpkin seed oils lock in vitamins and repairs. Cacao and shea butters are incredibly moisturising while marshmallow extract soothes & calms irritation.
Meadowfoam and Apricot Kernel oils are the perfect pair to leave skin soft, supple and smooth while offering barrier protection to maintain hydration.

Texture – we wanted to create a product that absorbs well but doesn’t need to be re-applied every 20 minutes.  It’s a medium weight cream – heavier than a lotion and lighter than a balm. That means it works straight away to rehydrate, feed and nourish skin but has enough staying power to repair and protect.

Scent – A light blend of essential oils bergamot, grapefruit, may chang, palmarosa, rosemary & frankincense to uplift, hydrate and regenerate – think earl grey citrus with a hint of green floral & vanilla.