Lavender + Bergamot Deodorant

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50 ML 1.69 FL.OZ ℮

Aluminium-free roll-on deodorants with a selection of scents for both men and women, formulated with an infusion of adaptogens and essential oils to mask unpleasant odour

Suited to

All skin types.


Reduces and masks underarm odour, with astragalus to help combat excessive sweating

Key Ingredients

Astagalus – is an adaptogen herb that may help to relieve the effects of stress, raise vitality and reduce excessive sweating.

Bentonite clay – rich in nutrients such as calcium, silica and magnesium, bentonite clay helps to reduce bacteria and moisture from the skin.

Coconut vinegar  –a wonderful antiseptic and works together with bentonite clay to detox and regulate the skin’s pH balance and gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

Sage leaf– enhances odour masking.